Since being elected four years ago, County Council has put in place a Sussex County Economic Growth Plan. This plan allows the County, along with the State and local municipalities, to offer incentives to new businesses and growing business, all with the goal of attracting and retaining jobs in Sussex County. Economic development must be the top priority of the County Council in the coming years. We must do all that we can to bring good paying jobs with good BENEFITS to our county. It is extremely important that we provide a place where our future generations can stay in their communities and provide for their families, while still maintaining the great quality of life that makes Sussex County a wonderful place to live. We have all been thru a very serious economic time in the last few years. This Council has done a great deal to keep our county on a level course-encouraging businesses to create jobs, supporting them as they invest in their facilities, and helping to improve the local economy whenever and wherever possible. This WILL remain my top priority for the challenging years ahead.


We must continue to provide the funding for the best public safety possible for our residents and guests. Sussex County continues to look for ways to increase funding for the dedicated men and women of our volunteer fire service and for our award-winning Emergency Medical services, not to mention our State and local police and our Emergency Operations Center. In the County budget, nearly 50% of the operating budget is devoted to providing some sort of public safety for Sussex County's residents and guests. We will continue to provide the excellent service you have come to expect from the county and its public safety partners.


Support Low Taxes

Support smaller Government with full transparency

Be responsive to all residents

Protect your individual property rights